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1Aakash Tongar10 00
2aditya gupta42 00
3Aditya Kumar43 00
4Akhil Cheedalla22 00
5Akhil pelluri33 00
6anburaja balamurugan44 40
7anjali gupta40 00
8Anshal Jilka3030 140
9Anupam Goyal118 10
10arnab khan100 00
11atharva gaidhani11 00
12Aviral Singh54 00
13bhumika mittal70 00
14deepak gairathi44 00
15Diksha Chawla10 00
16Dwijraj Bhattacharya22 00
17Dwijraj Bhattacharyya616 00
18gaurav jain22 00
19gokul rajendran33 20
20Isha Blossom4239 380
21Ishu Tomar11 00
22Just Shoot Me77 30
23Kanika Gupta20 00
24Kushal Agarwal33 00
25Mallika Bhattacharjee10 00
26Mohit Rathi Rathi10 00
27Nalleru Vishnuvardhan Reddy3330 00
28Nitin Kumar10 00
29Nowrin banu20 00
30Pankaj Jain107 70
31Pankaj Kumar Ojha4242 712
32Pooja Dara3232 00
33Rajarshi Bose2525 140
34Rajni Kant41 00
35Rajvi Parikh40 00
37Ranjeet kumar maurya2519 109
38saksham jain44 00
39Sandip Ghosh31 10
40Saumya Yadav1919 190
41Sayandip Sarkar10 00
42Shagun Gupta1212 70
43shivam sachdeva1616 00
44Shubham Kamble11 00
45Siddhesh Shah22 00
46Skipper 19971717 60
47sumit sangtani3131 180
48Sumit Verma22 00
49tanvi katariya33 10
50Vk Sharma20 00

Internship FAQ

Q1: Should the images be taken by a DSLR only?

Ans: There's no restriction on using any device to take a photo. You can use your cams or smartphones.

Q2: Is GPS and Datetime tag compulsory for an image?

Ans: To be considered for approval, the images should be supported with all details including GPS, datetime, description, etc.

Q3: How to add GPS / Datetime tags?

Ans: GPS and Datetime tags should be in Image's EXIF. EXIF is added be various devices in different ways by different methods. Generally enabling GPS while taking a pic adds GPS data. For more details, please check your device's compatibilty with EXIF data on google.

Q4: How to add details to pic?

Ans: First upload the image. Then click the image from your dashboard. You'll see editing options.

Q5: What issues are covered by this initiative?

Ans: All issues for which we have an authority to appraoch. Those not covered by this initiative includes generic issues like poverty, hunger, etc. and issues for which we have sufficient means to resolve like child labor, female foeticide, sexual assualt. In case of any of latter, please contact police or women and childcare directly as they require immediate assistance and sensitivity.

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